5 [Simple] Must-Haves

Sweet Almond Oil. I have a deep love for this stuff – a little goes a long way and you can use it for almost anything. I have several friends and read about many people who use coconut oil, but I feel almond oil is better because it has a lower comedogenic rating than coconut oil. With that being said, it’s suitable for even oily skin types. Also, I have read that it reduces dark circles under the eyes, reduces puffiness, redness, and irritation in skin. I use it to remove my eye makeup so, if these claims are true – double bonus. I use it as a moisturizer, I’ll also do a ‘hot oil’ treatment on my hair, it’s my favorite. I discovered it after having some left over oil after making whipped body butter during the holidays. This oil is full of vitamin E, vitamin A, fatty acids, potassium, and zinc (so I read). Either way, it’s uses and benefits far outweigh the cost, so it’s on my MUST HAVE list!

Nudes. Lippies that is! I had been using It Cosmetics Vitality Lip Flush Butter Gloss (in Perfect Nude) and it has been my favorite, but ringing in at $24 I wanted to find a more economical dupe. I tried a few, with the winner for me being Rimmel’s Stay Glossy (in Bare Minimum) at $5.29. The color is beautiful, the formula is lovely, and the price is awesome. Neutrogena’s Hydro Boost (in Almond Nude) was second at $9.99; Milani Keep it Full (in Champagne) at $8.99 was pretty, but doesn’t stay on long enough for me. Nude and subtle lips are my favorite because it’s simple an ‘goes’ with any makeup look or no makeup at all.

Speaking of the no makeup look, my go to is Rodan + Fields Radiant Defense (in Sand & Beige). Not only does it have SPF 30, it’s super lightweight (yet buildable), oil free, blurs imperfections, and provides three types of defense: environmental defense, barrier defense and photo defense. It helps improve your skins overall health & appearance, reduces visible pore size and discoloration. I’m a big fan because melasma never completely vanishes, but this helps keep it at bay (along with my skincare routine, most importantly). The price point (for as long as one bottle lasts) compared to the quality is a win for me.

It may seem strange, but my dry shampoo alternative is Summer’s Eve feminine powder. Yep, vaginal powder (for my hair). It’s talc free, very inexpensive and last a very long time. It works for me on blonde hair or brown hair – I think it’s doable with any shade but you have to use sparingly and natural bristle brush in as you go with darker hair. You guys I have been using this for at least 15 years, and I blow through conventional dry shampoo like nobody’s business and this just makes more sense money wise. I love it!

Last but not least, in the last two years I’ve made the switch to natural underarm deodorant. I don’t know all the science and details, but I do gather that antiperspirants are not the route we should go, and there better alternatives we should choose specifically referencing aluminum. Two years ago when I ‘converted’ I started with Native (Coconut & Vanilla) and I liked it – it took some getting used to PLUS the price point was a bit high ($12 at the time of my first purchase, on their website). I purchased another stick or two, but one day in Costco I saw Schmidt’s brand, a two pack for quite a bit less (I cannot remember the cost, but currently retails at Target for $4.79 a stick). I’m in love with the scent (Rose + Vanilla) and it’s my go to now; I also have my oldest son using Schmidt’s Charcoal + Magnesium.

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