Believe in Your Future Self

I wake up every day with many ideas on my mind; some seemingly great and some maybe silly. They come and go so quickly that if I don’t act on them immediately, or at least jot them down, they’re gone. This past year I’ve found myself saying “if I would’ve have started that [insert any time in the past here] that would have been a great idea!” And I let it go – I let it literally slip my mind, my thoughts and my actions until the next time I’m inspired. And then I have the same thought, days or weeks later.

Write it down. Such a simple start – it is simple, not easy. It takes courage to take action. The act of putting your thoughts into motion, claiming to yourself (writing it down, making a list of ideas) is the first step.

It is never too late to begin.

I started carrying around a journal (small, inexpensive) and a pen. Physically writing on paper inspires me, but taking notes on your smart phone is also effective. Your idea sticks, reminds you to take action, or sparks another idea – and it is not lost in an infinite sea of thoughts that disappear.

I urge you to think about what lights you up. Is it DIY? Makeup tutorials? Weight loss victories and makeover challenges? Speaking personally, it has been hard for me to identify what I’m singularly passionate about…that ONE thing. It is hard because I feel passionate about and handful of things – I love crafting, hair and skin, empowering others, but I know I am not passionate about fitness or healthy eating so I can rule those out. I intend to grow in those areas, because my health and my families health, those need to be towards the top in lifestyle priority. But it helps me to identify what I think I’ll have a hard time getting pumped up about. Fitness IG accounts? Fire. Clean eating and those yummy looking photos and recipes? Goals. BUT – I know there is not way I would have a fire in my belly giving you a workout challenge…or showing you something delicious and nourishing that I created. Be honest with yourself in your pursuit.

Jot down what excites you. What type of Instagram accounts do you follow? What email lists are you subscribed to? What podcasts do you like to listen to, or what books do you like to read? Do you have a hobby? If you are reading this, chances are you have a longing to create or share something with the world. What is holding you back? YOU! You are the only one holding you back – take five minutes each morning to jot down anything from ideas, to blurbs, to words, to images. It is truly awakening how these simple thought transfers will move you into greater movement and perspective.

Be brave and be deliberate in exploring your passion; life is the journey we create along the way.

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