The Pants That Almost Killed Me

Yesterday it poured, and this morning it looked nice out, but the weather was cool enough for sleeves. To be honest, you’ll rarely catch me without sleeves because I am always cold. Always.

This is one of my absolute favorite layering pieces; it’s a maternity jean jacket I bought when I was pregnant with J. It was one of my favorite pieces then, and 5 years later I wear it ALL THE TIME. Thank you, Old Navy. (Side note, amazing and affordable maternity clothes!).

Not sure if it’s the perfect hue of denim, or the cropped waist, but I love it. I was going for a casual look that didn’t look like I just rolled out of bed, because that’s usually the look I’m rolling with. I’m at a 2 or a 9, there’s not much in between…working on that.

I was feeling decent, because with a statement necklace you can take on the world, and I was slaying the day. The morning was going well – until I went to an appointment, there was a miscommunication and the said appointment did not occur. I ran home to get some food, but ended up eating Little Debby cakes instead. I pulled into the garage, closed the garage door, only to hear a loud noise and the see garage door had closed on my car since I didn’t pull in far enough. Lovely. So I turned to make sure there was minimal damage, and as I turned and took a step, my foot got caught in the opposite pant leg and I went flying. Screw you, flowy pants.

I hurt my knee and my pride, but thankfully I was in the privacy of my own garage. I did wonder if someone outside heard me yell out in pain, but I will never know. I took the pants off and put them in the garage sale pile.

Standing in the mess of my massive Cottonwood tree.

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