‘Not So’ New Year’s Resolutions

We’re several weeks into the 2019, have your resolutions fallen short? 80% of resolutions ended 12 days into the new year – seriously!

The silver lining is today (and every day) is a NEW DAY, it doesn’t have to be a NEW YEAR.  Give yourself grace for falling short, and be patient as new habits take time to stick.  Even the most disciplined are not “perfect.”

A few tips to keep heading in the right direction:

Declare a ‘Word of Intention’ to incorporate into your life, instead of drastic changes which can be overwhelming.

Start small and break it down – identify ONE task daily to move towards your goal.

  • Are you trying to be more active?  Don’t try to commit to the gym 5 days a week if you never go!  Instead start with a 5-10 minute walk outside.  Build on that and try for consistency.
  • Are you trying to eat healthier?  Incorporate one meal that improves your intake, or incorporate one side dish for dinner that is a healthier choice.  Dramatically eating clean can be exhausting and frustrating when it’s not your norm.
  • Are you trying to de-stress?  Get up 10 minutes earlier and spend 5 minutes first thing in the morning organizing your thoughts and tasks BEFORE anything else (email, your phone, social media).  It’s life changing.
  • Have an accountability partner.  When you must check in with someone, whether it’s a friend, co-worker or partner… you’re more likely to show up and stick to your goals.

Plan to fail.  Learn from it, and keep going.

“Strive for progress, not perfection.”

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