Must Have’s and New Finds

Another month has come and gone (I seriously haven’t posted since MARCH) and I cannot believe it’s June.  With that being said, I have had plenty of time to play around with many new products!

I still have my Go-To’s (as in MUST have every day) –
* Carrot Seed Oil (from my line Zia Botanicals)
* Rose Water (also from my line)
* Tarte Shape Tape
* NARS Translucent Powder
* Some sort of SPF (read on for my NEW find)

But in OTHER news…let’s talk about the great finds since my last update!  I hadn’t found any products that I was dying to rave about until my BeautyCounter (one word, or two?? it appears to be ONE, but I want to make it two)  order came in last night!  Check out my YouTube video on my channel here for the unboxing (it’s currently 2:30am MST and I’m waiting for my vid to export…after that I will upload it’s taking SOOO long).

My friend Janene Stageberg of Passion Infused Life,  (check her out here) has introduced me to this wonderful new line.

These products are SAFE and SO nourishing to the skin!  I have another video I need to edit highlighting a couple of the products.  I hope you will shop a little – this isn’t an affiliate link to me, but this is Janene’s site where I purchased my products ♥

Until next time!

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