Face Wreckage

Okay!  So it was date night and I was excited to get ready but a little pressed for time.  I found a mask at Walgreens, and I wanted my skin to look amazing so I thought what the heck.  Let me just say, I will not try a new mask for the first time before I want to look amazing.

It’s from ‘Spa@Home’ by MasqueBar – the Pore Refining Creme Mask…I slapped it on and then did my hair, rinsed and WOW my skin was so red after.  It says to wash with warm water, leave wet, and apply for 15-20 minutes.  I was going to take a photo of the aftermath but was a little hesitant.  The redness didn’t last too terribly long, and I’m not sure what was in it that made my skin react.  On the front of the package it says it contains: raspberry extract, lemon fruit extract, and vitamin E.  I’m thinking maybe the lemon?

At any rate it didn’t do any major damage and my skin was soft and my makeup looked great once the ‘sunburn’ look went away.  Let’s not forget to mention the hair.  That is by far my favorite style on my mop – the wand!

Date night was fun and it was a great weekend…watch the video on my channel here for more!

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