Tyme Iron, Hit or Miss?

Hi guys!
A couple months back I bought the Tyme iron…I saw a girl I follow on Instagram using it and it looked awesome.  So, obviously I had to buy it.  It retails for the steep price of $189…you will find out if it’s worth it or not at the end of this little gab sesh.  Keep reading or watch the video here.

After I ordered it, I want to say it arrived fairly quickly.  The packaging is amazing.  It has a wonderful re-usable (if you do that sort of thing) box that I like to organize my junk with.  It came with a backcombing brush, 4 ‘shark’ clips, and the iron itself.  The iron comes with a sleeve for storage that is really nice to keep it closed, and also be able to put it in while it’s still hot.  The cord is fairly long – which I like – it’s nice to have long cords when you’re doing hair on clients.

When I pulled the iron out of the sleeve, however, I pinched the shiz out of my hand because it wants to pop open right away.  SO…be aware of your hand placement.  The iron itself is beautiful.  The plates are gold, the outside of the iron is a pretty champagne or rose gold color.  It seems to be made of excellent quality.

I’ve used it a handful of times and I will say, it’s not very intuitive.  There a plenty of tutorials online and the company will do a FaceTime session with you, but I’ve not been able to master it quite yet.

My impression of this is that it costs too much for what it does, but maybe that’s because I cannot use it to its full potential just yet.  I bought it because it’s supposed to save you “time” (hence the name, Tyme) – but it’s doing just the opposite.  I’m spending a lot of time trying to figure it out.

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